The YourVoice™ America team is a remarkable combination of the top voices in the #MAGA movement today. From millennials to entrepreneurs to political operatives to rocket scientists, we have them all and bring their unique insights to you Monday-Friday at 7 ET!

Bill Mitchell, Host (Monday-Friday)
West Palm Beach, FL [Twitter] [YouTube] [Email]

Bill is a dynamo for Trump. With over 280,000 followers on Twitter, he is considered one of the most influential political voices in social media today! His show, YourVoice™ America, enjoys up to 100,000 plays daily on Periscope, YouTube Live and!

Oliver McGee, PhD, Co-Host (Monday)
Washington, DC [Twitter] [Email]

Oliver McGee is the former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Technology Policy (1999-2001) at the U.S. Department of Transportation and former Senior Policy Advisor (1997-1999) in The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Ann Vandersteel, Co-Host (Tuesday)
Jupiter, FL [Twitter] [Email]

Ann understands the importance of public service and holding those chosen to serve accountable.  She has routinely facilitated political publications exposing public servants who were more concerned with self-service and not public service.

Brenden Dilley, Co-Host (Wednesday)
Pheonix, AZ [Twitter] [Email]

Brenden Dilley is a believer in President Trump. With over 113,000 followers on Twitter, he is considered one of the most balanced and pragmatic political voices in social media today. His book and sincere speaking style have earned him a global following.

Joey Mannarino, Co-Host (Thursday)
Philadelphia, PA [Twitter] [Email]

Joey Mannarino is a 23 year-old millennial born in Philadelphia, PA. With a background as an R&B radio personality, most were unfamiliar with his interest in politics until the Trump movement hit America in 2016. Joey is currently pursuing a Master’s in London, UK.

Traci Belmonte, Co-Host (Friday)
New York, NY [Twitter] [Email]

With a Masters Degree in Education, Traci became politically active to ensure all children would inherit a safe America. She became a political writer for Madison’s Media while working for several GOP campaigns. She is a tremendous addition to YourVoice™ America!