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The Broadcast Team:

Bill MitchellCEO | Show Host, Founder (Monday – Friday)
West Palm Beach, FL [Twitter] [Email]

Bill Mitchell is the CEO, Host and Founder of “YourVoiceTM America”, the most influential #MAGA show in #NewMedia today! With 4 million monthly plays on #Periscope and 350,000 followers on Twitter, Bill’s positive, uplifting message dominates the grassroots landscape.

Oliver McGee • Co-Host (Monday)
Washington, DC [Twitter] [Email]

Oliver McGee is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Technology Policy (1999-2001) at the Department of Transportation and former Senior Policy Advisor (1997-1999) in The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Ann VandersteelPresident | Co-Host (Tuesday)
West Palm Beach, FL [Twitter] [Email]

As President of YourVoice, Inc., Ann respects the power of #NewMedia and responsibility to deliver the best analysis. Ann’s tenacity covering complex subjects like tax reform make her a dependable go-to voice for political issues. [Show Host: “The Better View”]

Buzz Patterson • Co-Host (Tuesday)
Los Angeles, CA [Twitter] [Email]

Lt. Col “Buzz” Patterson, USAF (Retired), is a combat pilot, White House military aide, bestselling author, conservative speaker and TV talk host. His literary efforts include two New York Times best sellers, “Dereliction of Duty,” and “Reckless Disregard.” [Show Host: “Power & Patriots”]

Brenden Dilley • Co-Host (Wednesday)
Phoenix, AZ [Twitter] [Email]

Brenden Dilley is an American Author, motivational speaker, Life Coach and U.S. House of Representatives Candidate from Arizona. He has been quoted in Forbes, US News, and many other print media outlets. His four beautiful children make him very proud.

Joey Mannarino • Co-Host (Thursday)
London, England [Twitter] [Email]

Joey is a millennial activist who has been a co-host on YourVoice America since the 2016 election. Coming from a background in Philadelphia’s R&B radio scene and now living abroad in the United Kingdom, he brings a unique & international perspective.

Traci BelmonteShow Host (Friday)
New York, NY [Twitter] [Email]

As an education specialist, Traci Belmonte became politically active to ensure children would enjoy a safe, prosperous America. In addition to analyzing politics for YVA, she writes political news stories and serves on GOP campaigns. [Co-Host: “The Better View.”]