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1:03welcome to you I’m dr. Gina Loudon and
1:07my amazing co-host here in studio with
1:09me the president of your voice
1:12incorporated and co-host of your host
1:14voice America and Van der Steele and so
1:17happy we get to be on stage together in
1:20Palm Beach this is a great day guys they
1:23were celebrating for sure coming up
1:25later in the show we’re gonna be
1:26celebrating even more because we have
1:28Laura Trump on she’s going to join us in
1:31our hot seat so you’re gonna want to
1:32stick around for that and let’s just get
1:35right to it because there is so much for
1:37us to talk about today mainstream media
1:39going down their list of accomplishments
1:40and failures of the Trump presidency as
1:42we wrap up the great year of 2017 right
1:46but they are so out of touch in it’s
1:49unimaginable Oh what do you say are the
1:52president’s greatest accomplishments if
1:54you had to name one I’m gonna go all
1:55Steve Bannon on you here if you haven’t
1:57got one what is the greatest
1:59accomplishment of this president in this
2:01year personally for me Gina tax reform
2:03and I did actually play a part in
2:05covering that you didn’t if accan
2:07tireless part oh it was fantastic I
2:10learned a lot about me and I remember
2:13how hard you worked on this issue you
2:15and lots of friends around us also this
2:17was a huge huge issue for you that’s the
2:19biggest one it is the biggest one for me
2:21but I also have to say the president has
2:23been an unsung hero for women I mean
2:25he’s out there he’s actually got
2:26legislation supporting women-owned
2:28businesses to the tune of SBA loans 50
2:32billion dollars that’s a lot of money
2:34out there for women to take up money and
2:36start their own company so these are the
2:38types of things that the lamestream
2:39media Gina just really doesn’t like to
2:41share with everybody out there in the
2:42audience because it doesn’t support
2:44their narrative about President Trump
2:46he’s actually out there for the people
2:48by the people and of the people and he’s
2:50making it happen
2:51he’s making his safe he’s bringing tax
2:53reform he’s bringing energy independence
2:55and he’s out there cutting Isis down to
2:57the bone
2:58does anybody know that Iraq has now been
2:59liberated and that all happened frankly
3:02under a shroud of secrecy as far as the
3:04media was concerned yeah we knew almost
3:06nothing about it
3:06all of a sudden where he’s like oh by
3:08the way Isis is not a factor and so he’s
3:13working behind the scenes with very
3:14little help from Congress as as we all
3:16know putting money back in the pockets
3:19of the average American the average
3:21American is gonna see just a tax return
3:24from what he just did of more than
3:27$1,000 in most cases some people will
3:29see a lot more than that that’s right
3:31the only people who are really getting
3:32caught in any kind of a glitch are
3:33people who are extremely wealthy and
3:35maybe some of the things that they used
3:37to write off they can’t but it but but
3:39by and large and and we people like you
3:42and me would rather see a flat tax or
3:43something like that are most likely the
3:45fairest of fair taxes but this is a
3:47great first step in the right direction
3:49and I really think he will build on that
3:52and maybe we’ll see even more tax relief
3:54down the road what do you think about
3:55that oh I clearly think we’re gonna see
3:56more tax relief down the road Gina I
3:58mean just the repeal of the Obama
4:00mandate alone is an additional 3.2
4:02percent back in our pockets and for
4:04those people that didn’t want to pay
4:05that penalty tax and don’t feel they
4:07need health insurance that’s a big leg
4:09up I mean that’s at least six thousand
4:10dollars a year for a lot of people that
4:12they were being forced to spend that
4:13they didn’t want to because perfect
4:15they’re perfectly healthy people that’s
4:16right and and and the left wants to tell
4:18us that you know that that’s gonna
4:20that’s gonna hurt the poor guy out there
4:22you know when it’s interesting that more
4:24than eighty percent of the people who
4:26were actually paying the fine under
4:28Obama care and the mandate made under
4:31fifty thousand dollars right more than
4:33eighty percent so you think about those
4:35numbers alone and that tells you who
4:38Obama care was actually hurting not to
4:40mention taking away their choices in
4:42their doctors and we’ve all we’ve all
4:44seen the effects of Obamacare it is
4:46socialized medicine it’s twenty percent
4:47of our economy being dictated by
4:49bureaucrats that’s never a good thing
4:52what do you think we think it’s gonna
4:54happen what do you think it’s gonna look
4:55like when people who for example are
4:57believing all the rhetoric of the left
4:59regarding the president when they start
5:02seeing that money land in their wallet
5:04they’re gonna become conservatives just
5:07simply by playing the game I mean
5:09frankly Gina when you see more than ten
5:11percent of your paycheck if you’re
5:13making fifty thousand dollars a year and
5:14that penalty is not coming out of your
5:16paycheck anymore you don’t have to pay
5:18that Obama care tax you’re just
5:20got pretty much an 11% raise in your
5:22paycheck think about that what does that
5:24do that’s math does that do for your
5:26sense of well-being what does that do
5:28for your family what does that do for
5:29your dinner table does that mean you can
5:31eat steak an extra night a week what
5:32what does that actually translate to
5:34vacations or just how about savings and
5:36things that the American public right
5:37now we are at its all-time low in
5:39savings and we’re going to turn that
5:40around just in the tax reduction alone
5:42repealing Obamacare was a huge thing
5:44that mandate is gonna put a lot of money
5:46back in people’s pockets and I think
5:48also just the changes and how our
5:50country is getting safer simply by the
5:53tax reform including Arctic drilling
5:55opening up that the president going out
5:57there and actively promoting our own
5:59energy sales to the rest of the world
6:00that puts Isis out of business because
6:03what his ice has been doing they’ve been
6:04stealing oil and they’ve been selling
6:06oil in the black market to fund their
6:08terrorism exactly we’ve been out there
6:09our military has covertly been out there
6:11blowing up those little white trucks
6:13going through up to Syria to sell oil
6:15across you know on the black market Isis
6:18is going out of business we’re now
6:19flooding them over the rest of the world
6:20with our energy independence and with
6:22our energy that were that we’re
6:23exporting more of that is taking money
6:26right out of the hands of terrorists and
6:27that’s again putting the American people
6:29and our country back in the position of
6:31leadership and security and that is what
6:34we value the most here in this country
6:35and that’s just the tax bill he did a
6:38lot of other things a lot of other
6:39things decreases in regulation of course
6:41we can’t forget more sick and the
6:43Supreme Court Supreme Court is something
6:45that every mom knows is gonna pay
6:47dividends for a lifetime of their own
6:49children and so that’s that’s an amazing
6:51legacy to leave your children the
6:53support of this president has led to a
6:55Supreme Court that is is definitely
6:57headed in the right direction to restore
6:59America right that’s absolutely enormous
7:01we should we should go ahead and at
7:03least one more thing cuz he did so much
7:05this year it’s almost almost
7:07mind-boggling and we should at least
7:09talk about one more thing because I want
7:10to move on to what you think we’re gonna
7:11see in 2018 well let’s move into
7:13infrastructure because he did if he did
7:15submit an executive order to cut the
7:17time in which you can get permits to
7:19build infrastructure and let’s face it
7:21our country’s infrastructure is at an
7:23all-time low
7:24driving through New York City does
7:25anybody want to take a nice car into New
7:27York City anymore
7:28Oh hot whole city how about just getting
7:30into the city across the federal highway
7:32potholes city he is going to spend money
7:34on restoring our bridges which are
7:36crumbling we’ve seen terrible tragedies
7:39and bridges across the country where
7:40they’ve collapsed we have got to put a
7:42stop that put on the our nation’s
7:43infrastructure back into the forefront
7:46of a crowning achievement what made this
7:47country great donald trump’s a builder
7:49infrastructure is important to him it’s
7:51important to us how do we get from A to
7:53B without solid infrastructure it from
7:56from the point A to the point B that
7:58you’re talking about and that’s that’s I
7:59think for people who don’t understand
8:00why that’s so important that’s why it’s
8:02so important do you think that’s gonna
8:03be the first bill out of the gate and
8:052018 hmm good question he’s got a tackle
8:08healthcare again but I think the mandate
8:10repeal and tax reform is gonna put that
8:12on the back burner for a while I think
8:13he’s gonna make his focus on
8:14infrastructure another important
8:17executive order that he passed that
8:19again went unrecognized by mainstream
8:21media was his you know basically
8:23blocking any personal property of
8:25persons involved in human rights abuse
8:29around the world
8:30amazing looting yeah human trafficking
8:33that is something that is being
8:35basically very underreported we’re
8:37seeing thousands of people being rounded
8:40up locked up deported for human rights
8:42violations not only here in this country
8:44but around the world and you know I I do
8:46think that we’re gonna start to see some
8:48of the information come forward with
8:50organizations that have been in the news
8:52and more recently not so well publicized
8:55that are going to be shocking to the
8:57left about who’s been involved in some
8:59of these human rights abuses and there’s
9:00been behind the funding of it as well
9:02mm-hmm well there’s a lot of covering up
9:04coming out of the left and it seems like
9:06the more they talk about what they think
9:08the president is doing or they think
9:10conservatives in general are doing it’s
9:11actually what they’re doing and it’s
9:14become very very illuminating really
9:16very very much we’ve shined the light on
9:18things that should have been exposed a
9:20long long time ago right and it’s
9:23enabling some very sophisticated swamp
9:25training that I voted for in this last
9:28election I know a lot of other Americans
9:29did too it is but when it comes down to
9:33it do you think that I mean how do you
9:36cleanse an entire bureaucracy as
9:39president that’s a big job and I’m not
9:42sure that he has a whole lot of support
9:44in Congress
9:45they want to cleanse that bureaucracy
9:46because frankly those people are really
9:48comfortable subsisting in the little
9:50just to borrow the term infrastructure
9:53that they set up to make sure that
9:56whoever scratches their back they’re
9:57scratching their back and it’s just a
9:59very nice little lap of luxury that
10:01they’ve created for themselves so how do
10:04you do it I think you have to vote in
10:06candidates into the next 2018 election
10:09and that are 100% behind president
10:11Trump’s agenda you have to get true make
10:13America great again Magga candidates in
10:16there that also we’re going to support
10:18term limits because the biggest problem
10:19we see in DC is what people just get
10:22there they stick around and they don’t
10:24ever leave and they get very comfortable
10:26in the lifestyle for which they continue
10:28to vote for increases in their pay at
10:30the expense of us and we’re tired of it
10:33and the mag of candidates that are
10:35coming up to the surface now that are
10:36gonna try and run and get into and break
10:38down the establishment while they’re
10:40woefully underfunded they’re making a
10:42lot of noise out there in social media
10:44and we need to recognize what they stand
10:46for and we need to actively seek out
10:47these candidates and look at these
10:49elections not only local in their
10:51neighborhoods but I need to from a
10:52Florida perspective look at what’s going
10:54on in Arizona for instance to say who’s
10:56running out there because as we know
10:57Arizona has been the bane of our
10:59existence particularly in the repeal of
11:01Obamacare so we need to support
11:02candidates out there that want to
11:04support the president we have to do it
11:05one election at a time and 2018 is going
11:08to be really important to getting the
11:10President’s agenda done and moving
11:11forward and draining the swamp the left
11:14is taking a lot of Liberty with trying
11:18to explain how this bill that especially
11:20the tax bill could could get the
11:22president in trouble they’re saying oh
11:23well blue states they’re gonna be paying
11:26more for the state local taxes they may
11:28not be able to deduct all that but will
11:31that lose for example maybe Rust Belt
11:35Democrats or other traditional Democrats
11:39who flipped over to for the president
11:41and voted for him will that lose them if
11:44they think that people are having to pay
11:46more taxes and some of these bluest I do
11:47not think so I think what is going to do
11:49is going to hold the state government
11:51accountable for their fiscal
11:53irresponsibility when you have states
11:56like California New York New Jersey
11:58Illinois that have the highest state
12:00income taxes in the country and we the
12:03rest of the country are having to
12:04subsidize that in past tax tax bills so
12:08that they could continue to write off
12:09their taxes against their federal
12:11returns while the rest of us have to pay
12:12higher rates do you realize we’ve been
12:14paying higher rates at the expense of
12:16others living in in high income tax
12:18that’s essentially what they’re saying
12:20essentially what they’re saying an is
12:21that states who don’t pay as high of tax
12:24the states who actually control the
12:25their own greedy appetite right um that
12:29we should be making up for because
12:32that’s why part of the reason why we
12:34left California we all everybody knows
12:35who knows me that the governor actually
12:37made my husband the only person who’s
12:39illegal I think in the entire world and
12:41about time but aside from that we were
12:44paying ridiculous gas taxes we were
12:47paying we did personal property all over
12:49the rest of it and that’s part of the
12:51reason why we moved from California to
12:53Florida there is a mass exodus from some
12:56of these blue states should we not
12:58recognize that the it’s just it’s just
13:01I’m sure a perfect irony and that every
13:04single one of these governments we’re
13:07talking about these blue state
13:08governments are ruled by Democrats and
13:11ready happen to have the highest taxes
13:13and they happen to want the rest of us
13:15to subsidize them what about taking a
13:17really hard look in the mirror as
13:19Democrats and saying gosh how could we
13:22be better to our citizenry that’s
13:24exactly what I’ve been saying they need
13:26to take that hard look in the mirror but
13:28the voters need to also take that hard
13:30look in the mirror and say you know
13:31we’ve been voting for continued
13:33government subsidies a subsidization of
13:35our lives at the expense of our
13:37neighbors right is it fair is that fair
13:40Gina that’s the question we need to ask
13:41and that’s the question that people in
13:43Florida need to say to New York hey you
13:45know you’re moving down here because you
13:47realize we don’t have state income tax
13:48now why would you want to do that you’ve
13:50been voting for this the entire time
13:52you’re in New York and are you gonna
13:53bring that here are they gonna bring
13:55that mentality here because if that’s
13:56the case Geno we need to re-educate them
13:58quickly because all that want state
13:59income tax and and here’s maybe where
14:01where I would just ask a question in my
14:03family we happen to you the word fair is
14:06not allowed we call it the four-letter F
14:08word and we’re not allowed to say
14:09because you left the left loves to talk
14:11about fair right but is it
14:14constitutionally intent is it is it in
14:17line with what we know as Americans to
14:20be constitutional um I like that word
14:23better because I think that when you
14:25look at it like that and you realize
14:26that basically what’s happening is we
14:28are subsidizing those states so that
14:30they can spend like drunken sailors
14:32right then all the sudden you realize
14:33you know that’s probably not
14:34Constitution I don’t know how it’s not
14:36constitutional I’m not an attorney
14:37thank goodness uh but but do you think
14:40that that argument might come up later
14:42on because it really is about more than
14:44just being unfair it’s about being
14:46unjust isn’t it it is about being unjust
14:49it’s not constitutional for another
14:51state to take care of somebody else that
14:53has nothing to do with their business in
14:55other words Gina if you if you decide to
14:57go out you’re making fifty thousand
15:00dollars a year and you buy a million
15:01dollar home and you buy a Ferrari and
15:03then you file bankruptcy is it up to me
15:05to bail you out or is it up to you to
15:08bail you out who’s making the decisions
15:10here who is out spending their income
15:12you are so we need to re-educate
15:14everybody how to live within their means
15:17it’s not complicated and what President
15:18Trump is doing and so beautifully I
15:20might add is he’s rolling back
15:22regulations to allow for more
15:23opportunities he is a lowering income
15:26taxes so that you can put more money in
15:27your wallet he’s supporting like I said
15:30women’s in in small business that want
15:32to get started so they have a leg up to
15:33to get an SBA loan and giving you the
15:36opportunity to go out and make it make
15:37it happen yourself that’s what this
15:39country was founded on that’s what the
15:41Constitution is based on it’s about all
15:43men and women are created equal so
15:45here’s all the opportunity you make it
15:48happen it’s not about me making it
15:49happen for you it’s about me making it
15:51happen for me exactly exactly and
15:54government getting the heck out of the
15:55way out of the way the president
15:57understands this because he’s been
15:58conducting business his whole life he’s
16:00so well suited for this role I can’t let
16:03this segment take place without bringing
16:05up Jerusalem as the capital I don’t know
16:08how you feel about that and and it
16:09almost doesn’t even matter what our
16:11personal opinions are happen to have
16:12Jewish lineage and so it really was very
16:15special to me that he kept that promise
16:17but I am just so used to everything from
16:19President to dog catcher making promises
16:22to get elected and
16:23not keeping those promises so I for one
16:26am just delighted that he said he was
16:28gonna do it and he did it and he didn’t
16:30only do it he did it in the first year
16:33that is amazing because this is not the
16:36Jewish population is like 2% of America
16:39right hi any tiny number so this was not
16:41a massive voting bloc just like the
16:43opioid crisis right that doesn’t affect
16:45a massive amount of people the people it
16:47affects is horrid right but but the fact
16:50that he went out on the campaign trail
16:52and and he listened to the voice of the
16:55American people right and he wasn’t
16:57concerned about just his reelection and
16:59doing what was politically pragmatic he
17:02was concerned about doing what would
17:03help in the lives of real people what
17:06was historically accurate accurate in
17:08terms of Jerusalem being restored as a
17:10capital what is constitutionally act
17:12accurate and and was just the right
17:16thing to do from a human rights
17:18perspective well there was the human
17:19trafficking issue or whether it’s at the
17:22SBA loans that you’re talking about
17:24there’s just so much right out there
17:26that he has done that he really didn’t
17:28have to do he could have played it safe
17:30he did it right what do you think about
17:32that I love it
17:33Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
17:35presidents for years have been talking
17:37about recognizing Jerusalem as the
17:39capital of Israel during campaigns days
17:41exactly during campaign our president
17:44within the first year of presidency has
17:46now declared Jerusalem the capital of
17:47Israel and said oh by the way we’re
17:49moving our embassy back to Jerusalem
17:51while he got a lot of flack for that at
17:53the UN and we’ll address that I’m sure
17:55here in a minute ten countries
17:57subsequently are following suit and
17:59going to move their embassies to the
18:00capital of Israel Jerusalem that’s
18:04fantastic and if you are a if you look
18:06at us as a Christian nation because we
18:08were found on judeo-christian Christian
18:09principles we have an umbilical cord to
18:12Jerusalem Jesus was Jewish and the
18:14Christian faith is founded upon a man
18:17named Jesus so if we want to recognize
18:19our nation as a Christian nation you
18:22need to recognize Jerusalem as the
18:24capital of Israel and I know that we
18:26have another show Gina Faith and Freedom
18:27with Leigh Valentine and Butch Maltby
18:30they talk about this and they break this
18:32down in great details
18:33if you want to learn more about a tactic
18:36set out please check that out uh you
18:38brought up to you in
18:39I never foresaw a president actually
18:41taking on the UN the way I love it
18:44nikki Haley no girl and just for him to
18:48even you know give her that platform
18:51right I don’t understand how they can
18:53get to how the love can continue this
18:55ridiculous assertion that he’s somehow
18:57anti-woman yeah when you have that going
19:00on and you have his daughters out there
19:02taking leads in the way that they are
19:03right picking up of course we’re gonna
19:04have his daughter-in-law Lauren up here
19:06on the show in just a little bit but I
19:08also want to acknowledge that the UN has
19:12been put in the place that they were
19:13meant to be initially and that is as
19:15sort of an apparatus to kind of serve
19:19countries and their own independence
19:21that country’s independence
19:22nothing UN’s independence right exactly
19:24well the UN has been defunded by United
19:27States the tune of two hundred eighty
19:28five billion dollars that’s a lot of
19:30bank that’s a lotta bank says you know
19:33what we need to be putting back into our
19:34country again what the President’s
19:36agenda is what America first right and
19:38do you win that shouldn’t that be every
19:41president’s agenda every country’s
19:43identity country’s agenda every tree
19:46every country should be putting our
19:47presidents been bowing down to foreign
19:48leaders and yeah it’s and it’s not been
19:51working right what has happened we’ve
19:52been leading from behind so I’m very
19:54excited to see us I’m very excited to
19:56see nikki Haley take that strong
19:58position in the UN and say folks we are
20:00now going to defund you to the tune of
20:03two hundred eighty five billion dollars
20:04and we’re gonna put it back into our
20:05country which is where it belongs and
20:07we’ll continue to deal with the UN by
20:09the way we have NATO those are our
20:10friends and we’ll work with our friends
20:11and allies first yeah yeah and we’re
20:14taking names that’s all right
20:18stay with us because we have more of the
20:20better view coming up right after you’re
20:21gonna want to stay tuned because we have
20:22large rump joining us in studio as well
20:25so don’t miss a minute more of the
20:27better view coming up right after this
20:30welcome back to the better view my
20:33co-host and Van der Steele still here
20:36with me in studio and now the leftist
20:39media they say that the 2018 midterms
20:42are going to be a blowout for Democrats
20:45because the party in power
20:46pretty much
20:47always lose the seats in their first
20:49midterm election but an I don’t know if
20:52you are buying what they’re selling this
20:53is a different kind of a president right
20:55completely different he stood up against
20:58what 16 17 other candidates and did he
21:01not just single-handedly take them down
21:03one at a time I think my favorite was
21:05with no consultants like I needed to add
21:07that there’s no consultants I was I was
21:10in his campaign office early on and
21:12before there was really very many people
21:14there this was literally a handful of
21:16it was a boiler room in Trump Tower was
21:19not fancy at all then Christmas lights
21:21illuminating some of the rooms because
21:23it really was a boiler room and and
21:26people have no idea like he literally
21:29built this and and so if they think that
21:31this is a campaign that’s going to fall
21:34under the rules of traditional
21:35establishment political avenues they’re
21:39just wrong absolutely yeah the operative
21:41word is he built that didn’t he he built
21:44the campaign one brick at a time one
21:47crazy nickname at a time low-energy Jeff
21:49I mean where did he go did he just kind
21:51of just disappear into obscurity I don’t
21:54know any way to take it out did he
21:55okay so anyhow I think this 2018
21:59campaign cycle is going to be off the
22:02chain and I think that the magg of folks
22:04are gonna be rising up and I think the
22:05Republicans are gonna dominate it’s
22:07gonna be one big romp fest for the big
22:09arse out there let’s face it the
22:11Democrats have 23 seats up that up for
22:14grabs that they could potentially lose
22:16and the Republicans only have eight that
22:18are potentially on the fence so we’re
22:19looking at a big swing for senatorial
22:22races and you have ten seats and four
22:25senatorial races in which the president
22:27romped in those states that he once so
22:29coming off an election so soon and
22:32rolling into 18 for midterms I don’t
22:34think this is gonna be the typical
22:35change election that you see in midterms
22:37I think you’re gonna see a complete wave
22:39because guess what the base is still
22:41very active and they’re not happy with
22:44the lack of support from the Republicans
22:46and the establishment and again as a
22:48reminder newsflash Democrats did not
22:51vote for tax reform not one big 0 goose
22:53egg Gina
22:54it might have been smart actually and
22:56force a couple of those Democrats just
22:58for the sake of their own
22:59Asians or re-elections to come over with
23:02the President on tax reform McCaskill
23:04comes to mind from Joe man my home state
23:07in Missouri and I don’t think it looks
23:10good for people like her when the
23:11president won by such massive margins in
23:14some of these states I don’t know how
23:15these people think they’re gonna get
23:16elected especially re-elected rather
23:18especially when you think about the fact
23:21that the job market is gonna be going
23:23crazy that the housing market is going
23:25to be booming that you know jobs are
23:28gonna be coming out of the woodwork that
23:29people are gonna have more money in
23:30their pockets literally I mean look at
23:33just even gas prices and and with a new
23:36tax law people are gonna be driving
23:38around in new cars I mean there’s just
23:40there’s there’s so much that’s going to
23:41happen what I love about this president
23:43I try to say this every chance I get one
23:45of the things I love the most is you
23:47know for all of their divisiveness on
23:48the left and all of their class warfare
23:50and their gender warfare and their race
23:51warfare and oh where does it end their
23:53gender identity well I mean it doesn’t
23:55matter they can come up with a warfare
23:56for it all right what sex are we Gina
23:58are we still allowed to call ourselves
23:59female I don’t know what bathroom do I
24:01go to I’m so confused and but with all
24:06of that the president just it just good
24:08rises above it all and he says I want
24:10everybody in America to be as rich as me
24:12how do you class warfare that you can’t
24:14he wants everyone to bend right as
24:16wealthy as him and I think we’re headed
24:19in a good direction there’s no doubt in
24:20my mind that everyone is going to see
24:22some dividend from what the president
24:25has accomplished just in his first year
24:27and hey he’s got a few more months
24:29before we’re even really doing midterms
24:31in real terms and so I can’t see how
24:34this doesn’t go his way the meetings
24:36gonna keep lying of course what they do
24:38you have no choice they’re all in but
24:40now you even have some of the
24:41establishment GOP going oh wait it looks
24:44like this is the winning train maybe I
24:46want to climb aboard so and what are
24:49your predictions in terms of the most
24:51vulnerable seats that certainly that our
24:54audience could take part in maybe even
24:56helping out with their getting involved
24:57well I think when you look at Missouri
24:59Claire McCaskill is extremely vulnerable
25:01not only does she have Holly who’s been
25:03endorsed by the president she has two
25:05very strong magnets you’ve got Courtland
25:08Sykes there and you’ve got Tony Minetti
25:10running who were both former of their
25:12and they’ve served this country loyally
25:14beautifully and necessary loves our
25:16veterans and Missouri loves the veterans
25:17and so you know when you look at
25:18Missouri when Claire McCaskill’s state
25:20was won by Trump I was at 24 points
25:22you’re looking at an opportunity there
25:24for a number of candidates to come in
25:27and definitely take that state over then
25:29you look at Joe Manchin state in West
25:31Virginia you know this is the state that
25:33Trump is returning coal and and jobs
25:35back and supporting the people who have
25:37been put out of business by the left’s
25:38agenda of climate change the president
25:41stepped out of the Paris Accord and by
25:44the way the left is still saying if
25:46that’s the primary concern of 2018
25:48climate change you’re going to lose
25:50races over this if you’re not smart
25:52enough to realize that it’s fake science
25:53to begin with then maybe you should
25:55start thinking about winning a race and
25:56having an actual message on something
25:58that is tangible and not made-up well
26:00yeah when the left putt climate change
26:02as the number-one national security
26:04threat and yet it was Isis who was
26:06clearly the number one national security
26:07threat we haven’t built a wall we’ve
26:09taken out Isis and we’re worrying still
26:11about climate change you know the
26:12president is actually embracing clean
26:15energy clean coal energy Joe Manchin
26:17you’ve got some problems here in West
26:19Virginia I think that your seat is going
26:20to be up for grabs again he didn’t vote
26:22for tax reform no and why not why not he
26:25tends to kind of try to toe that more
26:27conservative line but then where was he
26:29in this if you can’t vote for tax reform
26:32for your citizens right well you’re just
26:34not a conservative no period no you’re
26:36not a Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota
26:38mm-hmm Trump won that state by 36 points
26:41and Senator John Hoeven won that state
26:44by 62 points so you’re looking at a
26:46massive swing into the Republican field
26:49how is she going to fare against
26:52Republican contenders in that state
26:53these the types of things that they’ve
26:55got to really take into heart they’ve
26:57got to look at the results of what the
26:58president’s been doing this entire year
27:00every single bit of success is
27:02attributed to the president and the
27:04president alone because as we know he
27:07faced every obstacle from the media from
27:09his own party and from of course the
27:11left but yet he’s managed to have an
27:13incredibly successful year our economy
27:15is roaring we’re staring down the barrel
27:17of 4% GDP here folks
27:19like it or not President Obama simply
27:22cannot take any credit for where we are
27:24today no
27:25yeah if that is laughable it honestly it
27:27is laughable and not just in terms of
27:29economy but certainly in terms of
27:31foreign policy in terms of Isis on and
27:34on and about the only thing President
27:35Obama can take credit for is it he
27:37actually did deport more Mexicans than
27:39the president that’s about it I have
27:42people you know more illegal people I’m
27:44still wondering what the rationale was
27:45for that yeah III don’t know but for all
27:48of the talk they do about the dreamers
27:51and and daca and all of that he
27:53certainly was the DePorter in chief and
27:55so you know I think the president just
27:57in 2018 I think this is going to be a
28:00big issue and I think that the president
28:03is going to take a very reasonable
28:04compassionate approach to this I think
28:06that we will have a wall do you agree
28:07with that 100% while they’re already
28:09building prototypes and one of the ones
28:11I’m most interested in potentially would
28:13probably be Fayette very favorable to
28:14the left it’s one that they’re using
28:16solar wrapping around the entire wall or
28:19this butyl wall that’s gonna generate
28:21clean energy I mean it’s an aside from
28:24their climate change issue what are
28:26their issue and dividend division right
28:28we want to make sure you get that in
28:29there they want us all divided up into
28:31little parcels so that they can I guess
28:33control us I don’t know but aside from
28:36those two issues what are oh oh and
28:38there’s abortion on demand right at all
28:40time supposed to post a post birth
28:42abortion that’s a major issue for them
28:44other than that what are their issues
28:46I’m still scratching my head Gina I
28:48don’t know I have no other candidates
28:51I have no either lead errs they have
28:53nobody leaving the party right now they
28:54have no issues they can cling to and if
28:56they’re gonna run on the past they’re
28:58gonna run themselves right into the
29:00because that’s exactly where this
29:01country was literally running into the
29:03ground off the cliff except for
29:06President Trump which everybody said
29:07would never become president and here we
29:09are rallying right behind him it’s so
29:11great so great so great um when you when
29:14you look ahead and you think about 2018
29:17what do you hope the first thing the
29:18president does is straight out of the
29:19straight out of the gate I’d like to see
29:22him of course for the purposes of
29:24midterms I mean if you were thinking
29:25strictly politically since we don’t use
29:27consultants anymore let’s just be those
29:29consultants and continue to stoke the
29:31economy and what better way to create
29:32jobs an infrastructure bill is going to
29:34do exactly that is going to create jobs
29:36so let’s talk about creating those job
29:38I mean the first thing he did when he
29:39when he got into office was signed a
29:41Keystone pipeline Excel you know get
29:43that back up and get it going that
29:44created jobs immediately in this country
29:47and oh by the way he said you’re gonna
29:49use american-made steel when you’re
29:51building our pipelines and working on
29:52our projects here so he can generate a
29:54lot of jobs in this country that’ll be
29:56going for many many many many years
29:58because we have so much work to do on
30:00our infrastructure we’re in such a bad
30:02state of affairs right now there’s
30:04clearly such a need there so I want to
30:06see him create those jobs in that
30:07particular area
30:08but I want to see him continue to work
30:09on the repeal and replace or just the
30:12repeal of Obamacare in the civil repeal
30:15or appeal because frankly Jeana the less
30:17government we have in our in our way the
30:18better off we all are the free market
30:20has proven time and time again they can
30:21sort these issues out by allowing that
30:24those insurance companies to compete
30:26across state lines it’s only going to
30:27drive the rates and the premiums down
30:29through the floor and of course the
30:31pre-existing condition is not gonna go
30:32away that is going to be allowed to
30:34carry forward on your next insurance
30:36policy so let’s stop throwing it out
30:38there that we’re all gonna go to heck in
30:40a hand basket we’re all gonna die under
30:41these Republican ideas no these are free
30:44market solutions to very complex ideas
30:47and it’s worked time and time again it
30:48really does but he’s not just good on
30:50the markets if he’s really good on the
30:53negotiation stuff and even when it
30:55involves highly complicated things like
30:57like this whole Isis thing which he has
30:59really just decimated Isis as we talked
31:02about but and how has he done that how
31:05has he done that well well certainly not
31:06with the help of Congress no not with
31:08the help of the swamp right but my
31:11question for you because we kind of
31:12covered that I want to get to this
31:14because I think it’s really important
31:15North Korea yeah and this is an issue
31:17that is looming it’s on the horizon
31:19there’s no avoiding it we have China
31:22this week you know basically going ahead
31:25and selling oil to North Korea and this
31:30is one of the things that was not in the
31:31agreement they’d agreed with the
31:32president not to the president
31:34compromised in the negotiation quite a
31:36lot and if there’s one thing I know
31:38about this president he doesn’t like it
31:39when you don’t stick to your negotiation
31:41deals and they didn’t so what happens
31:44Oh clearly secondary sanctions on China
31:46is gonna happen next I mean China has a
31:48lot to lose in our country but they’re
31:51holding a lot of our debt
31:52and with the pulling out of TPP and us
31:55making agreements with India to sort of
31:57become a strategic partner in terms of
32:00manufacturing as well as they can flood
32:02our market just as quickly as China can
32:04so if China wants to stay a big player a
32:07big partner in trade they need to start
32:10paying attention to the national
32:12security that impacts us right and let’s
32:14face it back when Trump first became
32:17president you know he took a bold stance
32:18on Syria you know and he loved 59
32:21missiles over there and said you know
32:23we’re not gonna tolerate human rights
32:24violations with you gassing your own
32:26people right so that sent a message out
32:28to around the world to say this
32:30president is now leading he’s not
32:31leading from behind he’s gonna take a
32:33stand on human rights violations again
32:35we we talked about the executive order
32:36he signed and he’s not playing around
32:38when it comes to protection of not only
32:39our country but if citizens around the
32:41world that want freedom and want to
32:42celebrate freedom that message is gonna
32:44carry for to North Korea with the
32:46elimination of Isis which again
32:48massively under reported by the
32:49mainstream media in fact not reported at
32:51all he is showing through his actions
32:54that he knows how to deliver national
32:57security even abroad so he’s taken care
32:59of Isis Iraq has been liberated now he’s
33:02got a really focus on North Korea
33:04because you have a madman there and you
33:05have a madman working in tandem with the
33:07Chinese that are continuing to support
33:09by selim them oil but you also have you
33:12know you have the cyber security and the
33:14espionage going on to help enhance their
33:16missile launching technology the anthrax
33:19showing up and they’re on the escape
33:21soldier that is very scary you know if
33:23you can contain Isis I think you could
33:25contain some crazy North Koreans that
33:27literally are living in the dark the
33:29only people in power they are the
33:30military and the dictator that’s it
33:32everybody over there are strong even
33:34obviously the military is wishing they
33:35could defect as is evidenced by the fact
33:37that the ones that actually did even
33:39though you took five bullets doing it um
33:41what happens with the Russia collusions
33:43story though because now now I mean the
33:46Moller investigation is really only
33:47exposed to the left for what they are
33:49now we have people saying that those
33:52departments need to be investigated the
33:55DOJ and DOJ and the FBI um and so what
33:59happens next do you think in 2018 what’s
34:01that look I think that much the Russia
34:02collusion delusion story
34:05it basically is a self-fulfilling
34:06prophecy where that finger pointing at
34:09the president actually results in these
34:11three fingers right here pointing back
34:13at the left
34:14oh and I think Muller has been useful
34:16well yeah you know mom taught me that
34:18one but it’s a it’s Muller has been used
34:21to expose the left and the left
34:23unfortunately is is being is being
34:26discovered for financing that phony
34:28Russian dossier which was then used to
34:31get a FISA Court warrant to go out and
34:33tap the Trump administering the Trump
34:35campaign for which mana fort was taken
34:37down and for which also general Flynn
34:39who was permitted by the previous
34:41administration during the transition to
34:43reach out to foreign heads of state and
34:45having conversations to be taped and
34:47when questioned he panicked because he
34:49wasn’t expecting that made a bad call
34:51but I think general Flynn is gonna be
34:53exonerated on a number of levels I think
34:55the Russian story is gonna continue to
34:57expose the left for the corrupt nature
34:59of what they’re doing
34:59I think the Clinton Foundation has a lot
35:01to worry about does anybody go to jail
35:03oh absolutely
35:04who really good people are going to jail
35:06now it’s just being it’s just not being
35:08reported well IIIi look at the
35:10corruption from you know from Hillary to
35:13Obama the Clinton Foundation Loretta
35:15Lynch now of course the the the whole
35:18cover-up that went down for the the arms
35:22dr the nuclear deal right that we’ve
35:23been we’ve been hearing all about in the
35:25news um so you know is Obama actually
35:28catching your body heat I mean yeah are
35:32we gonna see any kind of punishment for
35:33these people or do we just go okay this
35:35happened and because it’s them we don’t
35:37do anything now if it were even Bush I
35:39mean we would be they would be trying to
35:41hang this around the neck of Trump
35:42they’ve been if it were Bush it with
35:43otherwise just have nothing to do with
35:44Trump so what’s your what’s your best
35:47guess as to what happens in 2018 from
35:49seven people actually answering for
35:50their crimes I think best guest is that
35:52you have someone like Loretta Lynch
35:54gonna be in a lot of trouble even Eric
35:56Holder is gonna be a lot of trouble
35:57these are our nation’s top cops
35:59I think Comey potentially could be in a
36:02lot of trouble Muller has used Comey as
36:05a basically a puppet to expose so many
36:08the egregious behavior of Loretta Lynch
36:10for instance right he got him to admit
36:12under oath that Loretta Lynch was you
36:15know asking economy to change the nature
36:17investigation to a matter to downplay it
36:19you have Andrew McCabe you have Peter
36:21Strock who’s changing language and what
36:23commis supposed to be saying there’s so
36:25much wrong with this there’s so many bad
36:26actors people that were supposed to be
36:29very under the radar in our Federal
36:31Bureau of Investigations that are now
36:33front and center and the rest of us are
36:35going holy cow the corruption at how
36:38deep it goes and how wide it is
36:40it’s disgusting and I can tell you right
36:42now the American people don’t want to
36:44see these people get a pass anymore
36:45they’re tired of it and that’s why they
36:47voted for the president so I do think
36:48the president is going to keep his word
36:50like he did when he spoke to Hillary
36:53Clinton in the debate when he responded
36:54to her at one point because you should
36:56be in jail yeah those words have haunted
37:00Hillary for years and I think she even
37:03made a statement one time Jeana where
37:04she was caught saying if Donald Trump
37:07gets elected we’re all gonna hang how
37:09prophetic was that yeah well you know
37:12the president is staying at mar-a-lago
37:13and just about a mile from where we are
37:16broadcasting right now here in West Palm
37:19Beach and he gave an impromptu 30-minute
37:21interview to a New York Times reporter
37:23as he’s eating lunch that’s so the
37:25president with our chocolate cake and
37:27rum cake loved that rum cake the
37:29president says that he is not worried at
37:31all about the molar investigation and
37:33that he went on to say that the Russia
37:35collusion conspiracy theory is a hoax
37:37and he sure doesn’t doesn’t seem to be
37:40afraid to talk to the hostile fake news
37:43media it intimidates a lot of people but
37:45it doesn’t intimidate him why because
37:48he’s telling the truth
37:49he’s telling the truth and psychology
37:51there there’s a second cause a guilty
37:53conscience doesn’t want to talk to
37:54somebody who could catch them absolutely
37:56and the more on guilty you are I mean
37:58this is this is kind of the irony here
38:00you know if you got arrested and you’re
38:02still not guilty you know the best thing
38:03you can do is say nothing until your
38:05attorney gets there here’s the President
38:07of the United States knows he’s not done
38:09anything wrong has been at you know when
38:11that dossier came out and we read it we
38:13thought oh my gosh I hope this isn’t
38:14true I can’t believe this would be true
38:16to know that it’s not true and it’s been
38:18now paid for by Hillary Clinton’s
38:20campaign imported by John McCain they’re
38:23gonna have to answer questions you have
38:24both sides of the aisle trying to take
38:26this man down and he’s just out there
38:28telling the truth and the media goes
38:31cuz they can’t stop him from telling the
38:33truth why that New York Times reporter
38:35thought it was a good idea to interview
38:36the president I’m sure he’s regretting
38:38it now
38:39all right well looking ahead for your
38:43voice America because you are big a
38:45player in this organization what’s ahead
38:47in 2018 for the company lots of good
38:50stuff so our to Vaz Show which is the
38:53Hispanic outreach program for your voice
38:55America has absolutely taken off
38:57gangbusters out of the gate Bianca
38:59Gracia who is the host on the show has
39:01absolutely just embraced the role as
39:04host she’s got the the viewers fired up
39:07she gets the best guests on the show I
39:09absolutely am so excited about that show
39:11because there’s a market that has been
39:13woefully underserved across the board in
39:16terms of media and they’ve been pander
39:18to by the left they’ve been used by the
39:20left and now conservatives have an
39:22opportunity to reach out to these folks
39:24and guess what we’re finding Gina
39:25they’re actually really conservative
39:27people hearts they are and so many of
39:30the groups have been marginalized and
39:32used by the left are actually in line
39:34with the Republican party platform
39:36remember that it was the other party
39:38that took God out of their platform so
39:40you start in there and you’re right
39:41alienate at least half the population
39:43right that’s awesome exciting stuff
39:45coming up in 2018 lots of new shows yeah
39:47shows new shows and and and really just
39:51I think being continuing to be that
39:53voice that win the president when when
39:56the left is accusing the president of
39:57something we’re just gonna all be there
39:59just like we have been from the very
40:00beginning defending him and knowing that
40:03um actually we’re operating on the ironi
40:06offensive and on the right side for the
40:08first time in so long because I feel
40:09like as a conservative we’ve always been
40:11on the defensive it’s crazy it’s so so
40:13fun to be actually on the offensive and
40:16to have such a strong organization as we
40:19do a presence out there in social media
40:21right to to to just continue to to build
40:24the narrative to create the narrative
40:26and build it because that we want to
40:28communicate honestly and openly the
40:29American people so we take our country
40:32coming up next you’re not going to want
40:33to miss this Lara Trump is going to jump
40:36right here in the hot seat so you’re not
40:38gonna want to miss it so stay with us
40:40back in a moment with more the better
40:43and welcome back to the better view
40:47joining me right now in studio is an
40:50amazing woman it she has been heading up
40:53the president’s reelection campaign
40:54she’s doing a mighty fine job of it I
40:56might add and she doesn’t really need
40:59any introduction on this show because
41:01we’re all big fans of you laura trump
41:04welcome to the better of you it’s great
41:06to have you with us the first thing I
41:08have to ask you about of course is just
41:10the complexity that you’ve added to your
41:14life this year in such a great way and
41:16that is being a new mom of little Luke
41:18it changes everything about the way you
41:20view politics does it not it not six
41:23means something completely different
41:24of course well it changes everything
41:25about the way you view the whole world
41:27yes and everybody told me that and I
41:29didn’t really believe them and now I get
41:31it I have a three-month-old son and
41:33we’re so blessed but if it truly makes
41:37you realize how impactful everything
41:39that’s happening now is going to be one
41:42day for your own child that the
41:44decisions that are made now the the way
41:46the country is moving now thank God is
41:48in the right direction I actually said
41:51it I got to speak before my
41:53father-in-law at a couple of rallies
41:55that we did for him while I was pregnant
41:56and I kept thanking all the people at
41:58the rallies and saying thank you for
42:00electing Donald Trump because I’m so
42:02thrilled to bring my son into a world
42:04where Donald Trump is our president
42:06because I know like all the viewers do
42:08like you know that now that we have a
42:10true leader of this country someone who
42:12has the American people in mind making
42:15every decision out there working hard
42:17every day for them this country is
42:18finally headed in the right direction
42:19I’m glad you brought that up because I
42:21want to give you a chance to speak to
42:23that this audience in particular has had
42:25the back of this president throughout
42:27the entire campaign and I want to give
42:29you a chance to say to them what you
42:31would like to say to them about that in
42:33in in as personal way as you’d like to
42:35what that’s meant to you oh my gosh well
42:37I just want to say thank you to all of
42:39you out there I I can’t emphasize enough
42:42how much it means to our family Eric and
42:46I are so blessed everywhere we go we
42:47have people come up to us and thank us
42:50say thank you to your father-in-law say
42:52thank you to your father the true Trump
42:54supporters the people out there who have
42:56been loyal
42:57the beginning need the world to us it’s
42:59important for them to know oh it’s
43:01because they do see you know you’ll see
43:03a never Trump for who gets to go to the
43:06White House and maybe you’re that
43:07volunteer who was there from the very
43:08beginning and you don’t get to go to the
43:09White House so it’s important for them
43:11to hear that for you that that you do
43:13value but he might have been there and
43:15loyalty I know that I mean so much to us
43:17and and I know that it’s not easy
43:19sometimes to stand up and say I support
43:22Donald Trump I support our president I
43:23think there’s so many more people out
43:25there that feel like they they love our
43:28president they feel very strongly about
43:29supporting him but they’re afraid to say
43:30things because the mainstream media
43:33makes you feel like maybe you can’t
43:34speak out maybe you something’s wrong
43:36with you for for voting for the
43:38president well let’s face it he won the
43:41election this is the man that everyone
43:42wanted to be in office and it just it
43:45truly means everything to us we we
43:47absolutely love the people who have been
43:49supporting my father-in-law from the
43:51beginning supporting our family we feel
43:52the prayers I hear from people all the
43:54time that you know we’re and their
43:56thoughts were in their prayers it’s just
43:58we feel it we really feel it and it
44:00means everything to us so so thank you
44:02to everyone out there um I want to hear
44:05a little bit about your Christmas you’ve
44:06been here in Palm Beach off and on
44:08you’ve been kind of back and forth and
44:09the president’s been here and I just
44:12want to hear like what it was like not
44:15just to have your first Christmas really
44:17where you’re kind of all together and
44:18you have this year under your belt of
44:20accomplishment and big-time
44:22accomplishment yeah Bigley right and but
44:26also as a new mom and just being all
44:28together with your family at Christmas
44:30and getting to enjoy each other really
44:32for the first time y’all barely take a
44:34break I know that about you what did
44:36that mean to you what is it like are you
44:37revived are you ready and and what might
44:41surprise people to know that you guys do
44:44behind the scenes I guess yeah well
44:46listen it’s it’s so great
44:47Palm Beach is our home away from home
44:48mar-a-lago has been a very special place
44:51for the Trump family for many many years
44:53and and I’ve been fortunate enough to be
44:55coming down now I think this is my tenth
44:56year down here it’s so nice to be with
44:59one another in the way that we used to
45:01be before all this happened yes because
45:04you know we we were a family long before
45:06my father-in-law decided to run for
45:08president and
45:09come down here and and share a lot of
45:11great times together and I think it
45:12gives us the opportunity now that he and
45:15Melania and Baron are in Washington DC
45:17along with Jared and Ivanka and their
45:18family and the rest of us are in New
45:20York it gives us an opportunity to
45:22finally relax with one another to enjoy
45:25one another’s company because typically
45:27you know when I visit DC I’ll go by and
45:31say hi to my father-in-law but he’s at
45:32the White House he’s in the Oval Office
45:34he’s working he’s crazy and so you don’t
45:36really get to spend that much quality
45:38time with with someone like we used to
45:40so it’s been really special just to be
45:43down here to be with one another and I
45:46think it’s really funny because I can
45:48tell how much this means to my
45:50father-in-law he’s he’s a person who
45:52likes to have dinners together but
45:54typically when he’s done with dinner
45:56everything wrapped up quickly he wants
45:58to hang out and relax and enjoy being
46:00around all of us we have very long
46:02dinners down here now which I love that
46:05one and so I think it’s just been it’s
46:08been great to be here of course with our
46:10son for the first time and just being
46:13able to ring in a new year now down here
46:16together as a family again it’s gonna be
46:18great that fed is great if there were
46:20one thing about this president that you
46:23wish America understood most of all what
46:26would that be oh my gosh I just think
46:28that he doesn’t get enough credit for
46:31his heart he has one of the greatest
46:33hearts of anyone I’ve ever met he is
46:35such a caring person and listen he he’s
46:38very bold he’s very brash he speaks his
46:40mind we all hear it on Twitter that’s
46:42for sure but he truly loves this country
46:45unlike anyone I’ve ever met and if
46:47anyone ever doubted that all you have to
46:49do is look at what his life could have
46:51been like had he not run for the privacy
46:53and what his life is like now because
46:55because he was essentially a little King
46:58in his universe I see he was he there
47:00was no there were no media only wanted
47:02to write good things about him because
47:04they only wanted acts Hollywood liked
47:05him the media loves him and he got
47:08praise left and right from everyone and
47:10you know now not only has he had to
47:13distance himself completely from all of
47:15his businesses that he’s worked his
47:17entire life for you all have absolutely
47:20but he
47:22really the the scrutiny on him every day
47:24the the hounding from the press just the
47:27negativity thrown his way it’s a very
47:29very different world the stress that he
47:32must feel every single day but you know
47:34it doesn’t matter because he works the
47:37hardest I’ve ever seen him work and this
47:38is a man that I’ve never seen anyone at
47:40work he worked harder than anyone I’ve
47:41ever met but he worked so hard every day
47:44for this country despite the fact that
47:46the Democrats the media some Republicans
47:49try to stop him try to stand in the way
47:51of the great things he wants to do for
47:53this country he’s fighting for the
47:54people every single day and and that
47:56comes from his heart do you think if
47:58he’d run as a Democrat he would have
47:59enjoyed this sort of scrutiny how do you
48:02run as a Democrat and I say this to
48:03people all the time our family would be
48:05hailed as the next coming of Camelot I
48:08truly think that and I do think that
48:10yeah I think you are the legacy in a
48:14whole family thing yeah but but it’s so
48:17for conservatives I think you do
48:18represent something iconic and
48:20historically extremely significant but
48:23you’re right the media the establishment
48:26the the swamp as it as it subsists would
48:30be praising you right yeah I know it had
48:33had my father-in-law run as a Democrat
48:35he would have been hailed as the
48:37greatest you know president in the world
48:39ever ever by by the media for sure
48:42listen I still think he will go down in
48:44history as one of the greatest
48:45presidents this country has ever seen
48:48from anyone in this I know but I do
48:51think of course it would have been night
48:53and day difference for him to have run
48:55as a Democrat but the reality is he he
48:58knew what this country needed and
49:00unfortunately the values of the
49:02Democratic Party the direction of the
49:03Democratic Party which is very scary is
49:06not something that he could get behind
49:07so you see what we have now you see him
49:10I’m working hard even though they are
49:12attacking attacking him every single day
49:14yeah but he doesn’t let up I think this
49:17and people say oh well he shouldn’t
49:18tweet and I think well how the heck else
49:20would we know for example the work he’s
49:22done just in human trafficking which has
49:24gone yes it’s fallen silent even on
49:26conservative media frankly yeah except
49:28here and and a few other places but um
49:31you know you look at the list of
49:34accomplishments from this president this
49:36year and I honestly don’t know where to
49:38start Steve Bannon bamboozled me on on
49:40Breitbart radio about this he said
49:42what’s your favorite thing the president
49:43has done in a if I heard it’s very hard
49:45if I think a long time I’m thinking
49:48about my children in my grandchildren
49:49and I finally went with gorsek but I’m
49:50not even sure I’m convinced of that
49:52because there’s so much he’s done to
49:54restore even just constitutional thought
49:56there’s so much he’s done to drain the
49:57swamp and there’s so much he’s done
49:59sometimes even almost in spite of
50:01himself his instincts are impeccable to
50:03illuminate the darkest crevices of
50:06government and that we’re keeping the
50:08people away from access to their own
50:10government so I can’t pick honestly but
50:13here’s my question for you if you had to
50:15pick do you think that your number one
50:19favorite accomplishment of the president
50:21thus far and and I really want to credit
50:24the whole administration and your family
50:26certainly the number one accomplishment
50:28prior to being a mother of little Luke
50:31with that number one slot be different
50:33than it is now as a mother oh so you’re
50:36saying so what what my number one slot
50:38for the president would be number one
50:40best accomplished oh my gosh is it
50:43different than it would have been if you
50:44weren’t – mother I don’t think so I
50:46think I’m so thrilled with tax reform I
50:49think it’s something that on many many
50:52levels has really set the tone for going
50:55into 2018 right it was such a battle it
50:57was such a fight and it was such a great
51:00accomplishment for this country was
51:02something so desperately needed and it
51:04was a campaign promise again that my
51:06father-in-law made time and time again
51:08on the campaign trail and now to see it
51:10come to fruition to have him sign it
51:12into law before Christmas as the
51:15Christmas gift to the American people I
51:17just think it was fantastic and I think
51:19again it really just will set a great
51:21tone going into 2018 and and hopefully
51:24for a lot of greater accomplishments
51:25yeah and what do you hope those
51:27accomplishments are coming up in 2018
51:29because this was such a banner how do
51:32you tell my god he’s got a work against
51:35himself now just outdo himself which you
51:37know he loves that challenge knowing him
51:39he this is his sweet spot yeah what are
51:41your expectations and hopes well I’d
51:43love to see growth in this country
51:45continue to go up you know we’re at
51:46almost four percent growth you see the
51:48stock market hitting these record highs
51:50time and time again I don’t know how
51:51many more records we can get but we’ll
51:53keep we’ll keep hoping for them I think
51:55health care could be huge I think that
51:57you know revisiting that and getting
51:59something repealing and replacing
52:00Obamacare is another campaign promise
52:03and something that I hear time and time
52:05again from people out there they really
52:07truly want
52:08I think appointing more judges you know
52:12across the board I think would be great
52:15you know we look at the Supreme Court
52:17justice spot but you have to think about
52:19below that there are so many important
52:21places that that he can appoint folks
52:23and you know infrastructure I think will
52:25be huge yeah moving things in the right
52:28direction there and you know really just
52:31I I think one of the great things he’s
52:34done that never gets talked about
52:35because why would it he’s exposing the
52:38media bias in this country yeah and
52:40continuing to call out the media and I I
52:43do believe in karma and I believe that
52:45every single time they lie about him it
52:48turns back around on them and and we’re
52:50gonna see more of that happening not
52:52just the media but really the left in
52:53totality even if you look at the molar
52:55investigation or any of that it all
52:57comes back on them no it’s so true and
52:59so I just think you know allowing him to
53:01continue to be the great man that he is
53:03being himself and fighting so hard for
53:06this country every single day and Isis
53:09oh my gosh we have 40,000 Isis fighters
53:14down to less than a thousand and no one
53:17talks about and I mean I almost missed
53:19it here because it never gets it
53:21literally never gets talked about but
53:23that was such a great concern that
53:25people had literally a year ago you know
53:28what are we gonna do about Isis how do
53:29you defeat these people it’s it’s never
53:31gonna be accomplished and look at what
53:33he’s been able to do putting the power
53:35back in the hands of the the people on
53:38the ground of his great commanders in
53:40the field was such a huge move and and
53:43so smart it makes so much sense why
53:45didn’t anyone think of this before
53:46we could go down the list of those sorts
53:48of things but yeah it’s it’s great I’m
53:50national security it feels so much
53:53better today than it did a year ago two
53:55years ago you have border crossings on
53:58our southern
53:58order at an all-time low it’s it’s
54:00really amazing what he’s been able to do
54:02we don’t even have a wall yet you know
54:04and well hopefully we see the building
54:06of the walls start this this coming here
54:08I’d love to see that as well what’s one
54:11of the midterms gonna look like I mean
54:13according to the left you know these
54:15last couple races are indicative of
54:17everything going forward I think they’re
54:19forgetting about them what was it five
54:20special elections we won before that but
54:23um what do you think the midterms are
54:25gonna look like are you concerned and
54:27because we’re talking to an audience
54:29that is so loyal already what is their
54:32best role well I think for everyone out
54:34there I would say get behind the
54:36Republican in your area you know it’s so
54:39important that we keep the house that we
54:40keep the Senate to allow the president
54:43to continue to make these great changes
54:44that we want to want to see happen in
54:46this country if we lose the house in the
54:48Senate it’s gonna be much more difficult
54:50for him we know the Democrats are
54:52probably gonna try and do something
54:53crazy potential impeachment type thing
54:56so I would just encourage people to get
54:58out volunteer help out in your community
55:01rally around the person that you truly
55:03believe is is backing the president and
55:06I think that’s so important because
55:07we’ve seen with a lot of Republicans
55:09this past year it can be a little dicey
55:12you know some of them say they’re on
55:13board with the president and then when
55:15push comes to shove they they go the
55:17other way so we need to make sure that
55:18the people we’re backing are true Trump
55:22supporters and are truly people that are
55:24the values are aligned with the
55:26president as well but we have people
55:29like Orrin Hatch not exactly a
55:31traditional Trump supporter coming out
55:33after the tax bill and saying that this
55:36could be one of the greatest presidents
55:38in history um is the tide turning within
55:42the swamp itself well I think they tried
55:45to resist as long as they could the fact
55:47that the President had exposed the swamp
55:50for what it is and don’t forget these
55:53people have lived very cushy very
55:55comfortable life that’s right this
55:56system has been working very well for
55:58them it hasn’t been working for the
55:59American people which is why my
56:01father-in-law got involved in politics
56:03in the first place you can shut your
56:05boss out of the room and just do
56:06whatever you want yeah then why not the
56:08American people are their boss
56:10absolutely and they
56:11kind of wanted that door closed so that
56:12they could continue with their antics
56:13which is you know human nature maybe but
56:15it doesn’t make it acceptable but I do
56:17think I’m very hopeful the tide is
56:19turning you know I think that it’s
56:21really important for the people of this
56:23country for the direction of our country
56:26in the future that you know everyone’s
56:27on the same page everyone’s on board
56:29working together we can get so much
56:31accomplished when you have people out
56:33there within your own party who are
56:35dissenters who who don’t want to see the
56:39right thing happen it’s it’s it’s scary
56:40but um I’m very hopeful the tide is
56:43turning we’ll have to see tell us one
56:45thing maybe a memory maybe a moment with
56:47Luke that nobody else knows has you got
56:51to interview me and this is my turn and
56:54we should point to your interview with
56:56me on face yeah it is up on the
56:57president face book page right now and
56:59and we cover some of these same things
57:01but we have a lot of fun together as we
57:03always do but I want to hear from you
57:05what is one thing we don’t know about
57:07the president that is either just funny
57:10or just might be something that adds to
57:14what we can know about him as a as a
57:16public who wants to know him more
57:18intimately yeah well I think that people
57:21are learning that he has an incredible
57:22sense of humor that’s something that
57:24I’ve always loved about him and he he’s
57:27one of the greatest storytellers and and
57:30joke tellers there is out there and
57:32honestly whenever I’m around him I just
57:35find myself laughing constantly because
57:37he’s a really funny guys got a great
57:39sense of humor
57:40he’s very self-deprecating actually I
57:41think people probably don’t don’t see
57:43that side of him very much but but it’s
57:46one of my favorite traits of his and I’m
57:49excited for my son just to get to know
57:51him a little better when he’s you know
57:52when he’s older than three months old
57:54and it really appreciates it but but
57:57we’ve had so many special moments even
58:00you know with Luke with my son the
58:02president’s just thrilled with him loves
58:04him to pieces and they can’t get enough
58:08everyone says that every time I post a
58:11picture when they say that looks just
58:12like a positive maybe it does it doesn’t
58:15look like me at all I didn’t I did
58:17nothing for this child right everyone’s
58:19just like are you – like you
58:22I see we’ll say it’s alright I know he’s
58:25mine that’s all that matters it’s been
58:26fun probably seven I’m around his
58:27cousins and everything so great to relax
58:30and really really finish the media would
58:32be a little more respectful of that
58:33but the guests at mar-a-lago are various
58:35they are I did notice that yeah and most
58:38people will just kind of give everybody
58:39their space which they should this is
58:40your vacation after all you still
58:42deserve to be a family um
58:44how can people be best helpful as we as
58:47we do approach the midterms what can we
58:49do well I just think echoing the
58:52president is is really important showing
58:55your support for the president letting
58:56people in your area who are running for
58:58office know that you back the
59:01President’s agenda and that’s what you
59:02expect out of them as well I think it’s
59:05it’s the most important thing again we
59:07don’t want to elect anyone into a seat
59:10in the House or Senate who is gonna go
59:12against the president because you know
59:13it’s it’s just to get things
59:15accomplished we have to all be on the
59:17same page and I would just encourage
59:19people out there to continue proudly
59:23supporting the president on social media
59:26to your friends wherever you are you
59:28know where a trump hat wear a shirt put
59:31a bumper sticker on your car
59:32I love still seeing people with bumper
59:34stickers on their car it’s it’s the
59:36greatest feeling in the world to know
59:38that we’re not alone out there and we
59:40know or not but it always take two hats
59:42that’s my advice yes even at mar-a-lago
59:44you can get some but I had on my my
59:47lavender make America great again have
59:49ulis and someone said they liked it so I
59:51hated it to them and I put on my women
59:54for time always have a backup that’s my
59:55always have a value advice about the
59:57gear yeah thank you so much for what you
59:59can be does and I know that this whole
60:00audience hear your voice America and
60:03here on the bed of you they want to say
60:04thank you very personally so I want to
60:06offer that from them thank you um as I
60:08think you I think every time I see you
60:09because I know what it feels like to be
60:11in a political family and I know the
60:13kind of heat you’re taking in scrutiny
60:14and that you don’t have to do it none of
60:16you and yet you’re all putting yourself
60:17out there so it’s a it’s a joy to and I
60:21know I speak for this entire audience to
60:23continue to be the voice out there you
60:28know your voice America is exactly that
60:29the president actually said that before
60:31our own Bill Mitchell names that after I
60:34think our own bill
60:35we’ll name the company that and and we
60:38want to continue to be that voice and we
60:39want to thank you for standing
60:40absolutely for us so anyway thank you
60:43thank you for being here also joining us
60:46here on the better view today and happy
60:48New Year to you happy New Year to you
60:50yeah I’ll be ringing in the New Year
60:52looking forward to great things coming
60:54in 2018 and us you’re gonna want to stay
60:57tuned for all the fun we’re gonna have
60:59this year on the better view and your
61:01voice America Happy New Year
61:12youStreamed live on Dec 29, 2017

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